What to expect from Cloud Hosting Packages

What to expect from Cloud Hosting Packages

Cloud hosting is a brilliant tool if you need space to save your website’s files.  It’s extremely secure and is a lot more reliable than other hosting options, like shared hosting, whilst being a similar price.  Sometimes with hosting services, it's hard to understand what you are actually getting, so here's a breakdown of a standard cloud hosting package for around $5/month:

10GB Storage - This seems bad when there are 'unlimited' options all over the place on shared hosting packages, but in reality, the average web page size is around 2Mb, so you can have around 5,120 average size pages on your site without having to worry about upgrading.

Unlimited Parked Domains - Something you can expect of a hosting package of any type for $5/month.  Although this may not be a necessity for most, a lot of webmasters have a good number of domains they'd like to park for later use or sale.  Whilst most hosting companies say they have unlimited parked domains, this is often subject to their fair use policy, so don't expect to be able to house 100,000 domains in a $5/month cloud hosting account.

Unlimited Email Accounts - Unlike the unlimited parked domains, this is something a lot of potential webmasters look at.  Emails are essential for running a website and the more you have access to, the better. Again, unlimited doesn't always mean the sky's the limit, 20 email accounts, or even 100, is plenty for most.  Any more than that? Be prepared to receive an email asking to upgrade your subscription.

As there are so many options with cloud hosting, you will see far better deals than what's listed above, but also far worse deals.  We've tried to summarise these permeations through our ranking, with better value for money deals nearer to the top.

There are lots of other features which may or may not be included in cloud hosting packages, from cPanel to Magento eCommerce, the thousands of packages offered by cloud hosting companies could be endlessly compared.  Luckily for you, we've done the hard work. If we've done our job correctly, in 10 minutes you'll be using a cloud hosting service which includes everything you need and want.