Build a Website that Converts

Build a Website that Converts

While there is no exact formula for creating the most effective home page for your website, there are some simple rules you can follow to make sure you are getting the best results from your audience by creating a website that converts.

Make sure your call to action is above the fold.  Not all of your visitors will scroll down the page so it is important that your “Buy Now” button, newsletter signup, phone number, or lead generation form is visible.  Typically the right side of the page is the best place for it since most people read from left to right.

To create a website that converts you need to test small changes to key elements of your site like signup forms, and calls to action.  Test and use tools like Google Analytics to check bounce rates and time on site as well as a/b testing tools to see what impact changes make.  Heat mapping tools are also helpful to see where you users are clicking on your website pages. 

Avoid pop ups, auto playing videos and anything else that may annoy your visitors.  If you experience a high bounce rate these may be the culprits, they can make your site look spammy before a visitor has any time to look at your content and can cause premature exits.

Create a balance between images and text to avoid clutter and distractions.  You want your landing page to be able to deliver your message quickly before you lose the visitor’s interest. Too many images may distract from your message and being too verbose may lead to visitors consuming too little of your message and exiting the page.

Make sure your page is mobile friendly.  Mobile has become such a large percentage of search traffic and you need to make sure the above is also true for the mobile version of your site.  Use Google Analytics to check what percentage of your traffic comes from mobile and be sure to apply the above tips to your mobile site as well. Also be sure to test the page on different phones and browsers.

Think about your target market and tailor your page to their needs.  What is most important to them, what will they find interesting and on the flip side what will make them leave the page?  Is pricing typically displayed in your industry? If so, try testing variations of pricing and how it is displayed. By taking a cent off or displaying a monthly instead of annual price or even raising the price to denote a premium product you may be able to improve conversions.  Experiment with offers like free shipping or giving something away for free to join your mailing list.