Do I need to Host Unlimited Free Domains?

Do I need to Host Unlimited Free Domains?

You often see shared web hosting companies stating ‘Host Unlimited Domain for Free’ but what does this really mean and is it something I need to have included in my web hosting package?  Surely you can’t have one shared hosting account for multiple websites?... Or can you?

Some web hosts actually do let you do exactly that, surprising we know!  You can have one shared hosting plan, pay one low price, and host as many domain names under the one account as you like.

It is very important to protect your brand and a great way to do this is to register any related domains or TLDs to your primary brand domain name.  If you own for example, you may want to also try to register, and so on, as well as other TLDs of the primary domain such as .net, .biz and .us, assuming the business is in the USA.

Regardless of how many additional domains you manage to register for your brand, a web host offering ‘unlimited free domains’ will allow you to add all of these domains to your hosting account, point them to your main website and will host them for free.

It may be the case, you would like to show a slightly different version of your website on one of your other domain names, or a totally different website altogether.  Impressively, some hosts will allow you to do this too, again all under your one hosting account.  

It is very unusual to be able to register more than one domain name for free in a single shared web hosting account. However, all hosts should allow you to easily register multiple domains within your hosting plan and they should then appear within your control panel ready for you to choose their destination.

Another option is to create free sub-domains. So if you own you can make a sub-domain for and These are subdomains and are free with most web hosts.